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How Separated Works

Separated was built with your relationship status in mind.



Getting Started

Find What You Want

Depending on your relationship status, you might be looking for something different: your next partner, someone who understands, or just fun.

Date Freely

You don’t need to explain to any member what your relationship status means. We recommend you be upfront about what you’re looking for next. Even if that may change as you grow into your new self, you’ll be surprised how well people welcome honesty.

Live Life to Its Fullest

Take things at your own pace. Be yourself, focus on enjoying and living your new life. In your own terms.

That Feeling...

Of genuine connection. Yes, just two individuals getting to know one another without expectations, or just flirting because humans do that. It might lead to something, or not. Regardless,  that interaction you haven’t experienced in a long time is what we’re offering. You’ll meet people with experience, and some without. But you won’t have to explain what your relationship status means in the dating scene.


Get The Most Out Of Separated

Privately Share Pictures

Favorite Other Members

Message In Real-time

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